The Morning After

The Menu

So is it just us or did things get a little…intense last night. Four courses comprised of four (or more) cuts of four different animals. We feel like we could use a cigarette, a little spooning, and maybe a call to know you got home okay and would you like to grab coffee sometime? It’s nice to splurge on the occasional feast; it’s even nicer when it’s funded by our friend Gina’s birthday present to Jake, a gift certificate to Ottomanelli & Sons butcher in the West Village. We didn’t get a chance to snap as many of the usual step-by-step pics that we typically do because we were busy pulling together a timely meal for our guests. Rest assured, we’ll post the recipes for each dish as soon as we’ve pulled ourselves together. In the meantime, peep the menu below for a preview. Now if you’ll excuse us we’ve got some phone calls to make.

Amuse BoucheFirey maple walnuts and a spicy Bloody Mary with house made tomato juice

1st CourseRoasted bison marrow from Elk Trails Ranch with a microgreens salad, toasts and truffle roasted garlic

2nd Course – Wagyu beef cheek ravioli with house made pasta

3rd Course – Drunken rabbit stew

4th CourseDry-aged Black Angus cowboy steak with parsley butter over parsnip hash

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