Rhubarb Pie

Yeah, we garnished a rocks glass. That's how we roll.

So now that we’ve touched on a bit of everything else, it’s time to teach you how to drink too. Sheesh, do we have to do everything around here? This take on an Old Fashioned was inspired by a recent trip to Tuthilltown Spirits, up in Gardiner, NY and their smooth and delicious whiskeys. Rhubarb bitters can be found in specialty shops like The Meat Hook; get Fee Brothers if you can find them. And remember, real men (and women) garnish.

Equipment Needed: Rocks Glass, Muddler (or) Spoon


  • 2 oz rye whiskey (around $25/750ml for decent stuff)
  • 13 dashes of rhubarb bitters (it sounds like a lot, but you’ll be fine)(about $7/4oz)
  • 1 ice cube (free, unless you’re an billionaire and use Evian ice cubes)
  • 2 strawberries ($3.99/lb)
  • 2 pinches sugar ($2.39/2 lb box)


  • Put one strawberry at the bottom of the glass, sprinkle it with sugar and mash it with your muddler or spoon.
  • Add the ice cube and pour the whiskey in. Add the bitters, stir and garnish with the other strawberry. Skål!

One response to “Rhubarb Pie

  1. Sounds good- I did something similar (rhubarb & strawberry infused vodka) that I will be muddling with mint and perhaps adding some seltzer to tomorrow…we’ll see how it turns out…

    I’m glad to see that great minds think alike!

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