Root Beer Float

You can tell it's classy because it comes with a a mason jar.

This was the hit of our friend Gillian’s birthday party last weekend. The deceptively sweet mix evokes thoughts of summer and hanging out in Uncle Buck’s back yard (especially the boozy slurring part). We had the added pleasure of using home-infused vodka (the recipe will be coming soon) giving our taste buds an extra rich wallop of vanilla. Skip Aunt Mildred’s vacation slide show and sneak into the kitchen for another.

Equipment Needed: Tall Glass, Spoon


  • 2 oz vanilla vodka (about $26/liter)
  • 6 oz root beer ($1.39/2 liters)
  • Ice cubes (use your tap, genius)


  • Fill the glass half full with ice. Add liquid ingredients and stir. Prost!

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