Blood Orange-Infused Vodka

A little jar of sunshine to fight those winter blues.

Our friend, Nette over at Late Night Jam turned us on to the whole infused liquor thing when she started experimenting with vanilla, jasmine tea, etc. to add some more flavor to her potato juice. It being blood orange season and all we decided to give it a whirl and let’s just say that the results were much tastier than anything with a marketing budget.

Equipment Needed: Airtight Jar or Bottle, Chef’s Knife, Cutting Board, Strainer


  • 1 750 ml bottle of vodka (this is no time to prove you’re a baller, just get something that’s triple distilled to avoid any funkiness)(about $13/bottle)
  • 2 blood oranges ($2.49/lb)
  • 2 TBSP honey ($4.39/12 oz)


  • Wash the oranges thoroughly and cut off the ends where it’s nothing but skin and pith (the white part). Slice each orange as thinly as possible crosswise. You want to make sure each piece has as much surface area as possible to help speed the infusion process.

Cut the slices slightly thicker than the width of your knife for perfect infusion width.

  • Put the orange slices in the bottom of your container (we recommend a large mason jar or a swing top with a rubber seal). Squeeze in about two tablespoons of honey, douse everything with vodka and close the container tightly. Viola! That’s it.

Honey helps break down the fruit and keep things slightly sweet.

  • The hardest part of this recipe is waiting, which you should do for 5-7 days to get optimal flavor. After a certain point the orange skins will turn the alcohol bitter, which negates why you did this in the first place so you’ll have to test it (aw shucks). When the vodka has absorbed the right amount of flavor you’ll want to strain out the pieces before serving.

Strain out the fruit, you can snack on the pieces if you want (they're now vodka-infused fruit).

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