Cardamom Simple Syrup

So artisan you’re gonna have to grow a handlebar mustache and start charging your friends $15 a drink.

Simple syrup is just that; simple. Mix equal parts water and sugar, bring to a boil, et voilà, you’ve got a sweetener for cocktails, drinks, dishes, whatever. We had some green cardamom pods leftover from an earlier experiment and decided to complicate our simple syrup a bit. The results are spicy, herbal and slightly citrusy, mixing well with gin and vodka (hint, hint).

Equipment Needed: 1 QT Pot, Chef’s Knife, Whisk, Strainer, Jar/Squeeze Bottle/Vessel To Hold The Finished Product In


  • 1 C water
  • 1 C sugar ($2.39/2 lbs)
  •  1/4 C green cardamom pods (the price varies but it will be significantly cheaper if you have an awesome spice store like Kalustyan’s nearby; about $6.99/oz)


  • Add the water and sugar to your pot and whisk it together quickly to dissolve some of the sugar.
  • Place the pot over high heat. Take your cardamom pods and break them open. Add the pods and their innards to the mix and whisk everything together. Bring it to a boil stirring occasionally. Turn the stove off and let the syrup cool.

Stir it up to make sure the sugar dissolves and the cardamom is at maximum absorption.

  • Once your syrup has cooled to about room temperature place the strainer over your container of choice and pour the mixture in. Make sure you got all the cardamom pieces out, seal it up and pop it in the fridge. It should last a few months kept cool in an airtight container.

Use a strainer; no one likes chewy syrup.

2 responses to “Cardamom Simple Syrup

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  2. I’ve been looking all over for a recipe for Cardamom simple syrup. Thank you for posting this!

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